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Pisces woman here and in a relationship with a Cancer man. But I have to say that years before we met, I had a special relationship with a Scorpio man. In the end, the future depends on the two people involved in the relationship.

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You replace your inactivated gemstone from a new one. Creators Syndicate, Inc. All About Taurus. Pluto in Capricorn asks that all bow to the coercive, globalizing torrent of capital, while Uranus in Aries rages and demonstrates in an attempt to maintain freedom and independence. Now through the end of , Jupiter will continue to glide across this relationship realm. I focus on major aspects affecting your sign, so return daily! There are also indications of things becoming much better financially.

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Raghu on September 6, at pm said:. Sanaia on June 19, at pm said:.

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Eric on March 31, at am said:. Fatimah on November 16, at am said:. Born feb 28 …. Stef on November 23, at pm said:. The world order may change dramatically with the steadfast and change averse Saturn and the harbinger of evolution Ketu who residing together from March onwards. The year promises to be a good year for the Pisces born individuals.

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There is a lot more clarity regarding purpose and the air around several fuzzy subjects clears up. This is a year where you particularly get drawn to your roots, your native land and may even decide to shift focus that way. Since it rules the 10th house of career and profession for the Pisces ascendant, there may be possibility of initiating a career that involves a fair amount of travel too! The Saturn conjunct Ketu in your 10th house indicates unusual delays in getting work and possibly changing career paths too! You may have to work on an issue with authority also. Those who are focused on academic goals are able to perform better.

Self-work this year should tilt towards acceptance and much of it will need quiet contemplation. The Pisces born individuals are likely to have a year of good progress and some great changes. Some Pisces individuals may be given a lucrative opportunity or a leadership role away from home. The new role or position may be prestigious, but will bring a significant increase in work pressure and expectations. There are also indications of things becoming much better financially. There are some challenges though, that occur despite the favourable Jupiter transit.