Leo horoscope week of february 14 2020

Leo 2020 Horoscope for Love

Commit to working on yourself while Uranus moves backward rather than striving for intense physical, worldly change. Soak up earthly pleasures on August 14, when The Sun conjuncts sensual Venus. Avoid going overboard by knowing your limits and making time to be alone with yourself in preparation for the following workday. We want to create new rules for ourselves, making it a great day to conceptualize plans and creative projects.

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Be patient with yourself on August 16, when thought-ruler Mercury squares a retrograde Uranus. This square can create frustration in lack of outward change. Focus on removing your bias and getting comfortable with your journey of inner growth.

The limelight loses a little luster on August 23 when the Sun moves into practical Virgo, calling our attention towards precision and accountability. Virgo is a sign that values the binary code — the world becomes a black and white place. Be careful as you make decisions and weigh options carefully while the Sun lights this pragmatic sign.

Take a leap of faith on August 26, when Venus trines a retrograde Uranus. You could find yourself in an unexpected match while these planets complement each other. Take time to explore your feelings before you act on them while these two combustible planets work together.

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Look to enlighten yourself on August 29, when the Sun trines enigmatic Uranus. This area will be new focus soon. Eclipses would come in it.

Jupiter was there in romantic chart. Same aspect will get amplified in second half. Jupiter has blessed you to know your heart well. A romantic connection might have taught you many things.

You know now what heart want. Three eclipses are there. North node will move in this part on May 6.

It will question what you want in love life? Is there any realist love? Love could be a illusion too. Some cheating could be possible. This aspect is going to be over soon in September New era will start.

Leo Horoscope 2020: a year in review

You will get a positive response. Rising Sign. After September 23rd, negotiate rather than dominating. Your relationship will be sweet and everlasting. Both are eclipse dates. They will acquire knowledge and excel in education. What's in the stars for you in October?

You have to take learning ahead. Entire second half in , it is in Aries. It shows that huge focus and action will be there. Travelling helps us in knowing self. It is a healer. Foriegn travel is possible.

Leo February 2020 Horoscope Monthly Overview

Leo in education may do better in the second half of the year. In-laws may demand extra attention. Or a distant relation may come in picture. If you have been delaying holiday for long, this aspect will support you in a big way.

Economic Condition for Leo Horoscope 2020

Your Leo horoscope is accurate because it is divided into decans. December 14 to February – Jupiter opposite your decan can pose challenges if you want more than you have. Taking Leo Weekly Horoscope. Leo horoscope predict that this year is all about personal advancement, which February is when you need to make complete plans instead of.

It is unexpected zone now. Uranus is passing through your social status. You may see erratic changes in career or social status. You may be messy situation where a decision may crush your social status. Our prestige and reputation depends on our decisions. Changes are part of life accept it. You are a fixed sign. You have to train your mind to accept changes in slow manner. Leo, do something to turn them into a reality on the 23rd and 24th of February Get to the pool, and swim! Or run, or jump, or tango dance. See also : Leo Career Horoscope Are your workout plans everything they could be?

Are they fun? Have you designed them just for you?

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Generally, you need to do a workout that is just right for you. Of course, it could well take a while to find the perfect workout, so get right to the trial-and-error stage. Just listen to yourself! Feels good, right? You should do this every night! Sweat it out on the 20th, and you will have done everything perfectly.

Take a look at what you eat on the 25th of February