Scorpio daily horoscope march 18

Daily Horoscopes: March 18, 12222

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AnnaSimone Greetings! Change is constant in life and one has to learn to flow with it. Take the time to give it your full attention in order to avoid any further complications. Sidhu calls for licensed guns to be made mandatory for women. Check its presence in your birth chart. Your Email Address. Expect pats on the back from your bosses and a round of cheers from your peers.

Ask for a loan, a mortgage or to borrow something from someone if you need it because the universe owes you a favour! Relations with close friends and partners are particularly warm and mutually beneficial today, which is why you will enjoy schmoozing with people.

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Meet friends for lunch. Enjoy the gang at Happy Hour because you will love the company of others. Today you might see ways to make your workspace more attractive. You might also get praise from colleagues, and some of you will even get a raise.

Today's Birthday

Your health will feel vigourous; plus, your enjoyment of pets will be a pleasure. It's a pleasant day! This is a fantastic day to party and enjoy the company of others. Grab a matinee. Socialize extensively. Meet friends for lunch or a drink after work.

Scorpio Today

Enjoy sports events and playful activities with kids. You will also love to participate in the arts. This is the perfect day to entertain at home whether casually or more formally. By all means, tidy up and invite someone over! You will also enjoy redecorating your home; in addition to which, this is an excellent day to explore real estate deals or potential rentals.

Always make your words sweet in case you have to eat them later. Today you will have no trouble doing this because relations with everyone around you are warm and friendly. You will view your daily surroundings with greater appreciation and gratitude.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

This is a good money day for you! You can attract money to you. You might see ways to boost your income. Be the first with an apology if anything goes wrong, though. You are nearing the end of one particular short-term phase, and your chances of prosperity over the next three months will depend on how you handle an emotional mini-crisis this week. In the long run, January Goats are more likely to be affected than those of you with December birthdays.


Scorpio the Scorpion day by day horoscope, today in astrology, predictions, forecast peek of this last year, and now this transit is sticking (from March forward). The moon enters Virgo today. Daily Horoscopes: March 18, enters Virgo and illuminates the friendship sector of your chart, Scorpio.

The Aquarian Water Carrier is the bearer of fresh possibilities and new potential to the whole of mankind. Even on your small scale, you are quite capable of showing other people a better way to live. Teach them by example, but try to learn from their experiences. Your social commitments are expanding.

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 6 months ago. Some information in it may no longer be current.

Daily Horoscope SCORPIO March 18, 2017

Think twice before you speak up. Make sure the aims and ambitions you set for yourself are within reach, otherwise you could exhaust yourself and have nothing to show for it. Start something new over the next few days, something you have been thinking about for quite some time but did not, until now, have the courage to go for. You will have to make some kind of sacrifice today but you will make it gladly, not least because you know you will be rewarded in some way further down the line.

If you feel out of your depth today you must let other knows about it so they can help you. There is a chance that you will come into money over the next few days, and an even bigger chance that you will waste it if you do. Leo tends to extravagance and it seems you are in one of your spend, spend, spend moods at the moment. Some people may say you are being selfish, and maybe you are, but the fact is you have done so many things for so many people in the past, so they have no cause for complaint.

You must not let your work get on top of you today. There are a number ways you can make life easier for yourself and the best is to refuse to take on any more commitments. Some of the people you meet over the next few days could become very important to you, professionally and financially, later in the year, so be on your best behaviour and make sure they like what they see. The more you impress them the more you will gain.

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Look and act confident today, even if you doubt what it is you are doing. The planets warn if your rivals detect any hint of anxiety they will be on your case in an instant. You DO have what it takes to succeed Sag, so get on with it. The approaching full moon will fill your head with big ideas, especially where your career is concerned, but not all of them will be right for you. Decide what your No. You will have to make some tough decisions over the next few days and some people will be annoyed by the path you choose to take.